I kissed the devils daughter and she showed me how to love

So there we were.

Fresh like oranges plucked from the

bosoms of trees welting in summer solstice.

Biting that ripe lip, she bled nectar. It was not long before I flowered too.

I knew her serpent tongue so well I swallowed venom just because it tasted like her.

I learned to know the ache of wanting. Insatiable hunger for that taste she always left in my mouth.

I had never had a sweet tooth before.

We unpeeled each other and made zest of our skins.

Learned each other hips breathed warm syrup air we could sleep in.

Then The mother plant died as the moon grew rounder.

I was no longer sweet but beginning to sour.

sweet citrus once danced on my

tastebuds now scorned them.

The leaves fell harshly now, and

all too suddenly

we were bare.

I began to dissolve as rotting fruit does. And we became each other’s poison.

Sometimes I catch that chaste

scent in the air, and think

of all our green time together.

Sometimes it crosses my mind

to drift back to that summers day

and pick forbidden fruit all again.