Ode to you (know who you are)

Missing you most when you’re right in front of me. Preemptive magnetism. Pulling together, apart.
The stretching of the self, in yearning. So much so, without you, split in two, like a peach.
At the core, pit, bite, spit. A heart all honeycomb. A heart all echo chambers. together, apart.
Coasting down the country in a little grey matchbox. Headlights dance for us, snare on the raindrops, flair on the motorway.
A flash to cut the sky right open, watch the stars reflect it back. The wind scrapes our rough edge, sets the whole road alight.
Life is a light show. I feel like a firework singing this song.
together, apart.
In candied sweat, together. You, grown into the day, dusting hands yellow.
Me, slipped into the skin, you said, wear it like a weapon. We keep re-watering these roots.
On the grass, where we lay: your cracked chest, a warmth to sleep in. In solitary, we're each ring of the ripple. Miles edge between our web. Then, the fuzzy heat of the screen.
On virtual bridges, electric fingers - there go the lights again. It’s like being home two places at once.
Life is that electric pulse. I feel like dancing to our beating hearts.